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The Best Laundry Detergent Is No Laundry Detergent! But How Can You Wash Without Detergent?

Every day more and more people are turning to hypoallergenic laundry detergent because of an allergic skin reaction to detergent and other laundry products such as fabric softeners, bleach and dryer sheets. Perhaps you yourself suffer from skin allergies, chemical allergies, or fragrance allergies.

Have you been forced to turn to sensitive skin soap and non-toxic products in order to avoid allergic reactions?

Unfortunately, not only are these products costly but they probably aren't completely effective. If you have a soap allergy you will probably find that nothing you try, even a natural laundry detergent, will provide complete relief.

The answer? - Get rid of all laundry detergents and, as a result, say goodbye to your laundry detergent allergy.

If only it was that simple right? Everybody knows that you can't get your clothes clean without laundry soap; can you? Well, you can and I am here to tell you how.

So... If you use laundry detergent, bleach, hot water or fabric softener when you wash your clothes read on because this is going to get interesting.

A couple years back I discovered something that saves me money, does an incredible job of cleaning my clothes and helps the environment at the same time. I read about a device that you attach to your washing machine to eliminate the need for detergent, hot water, bleach and fabric softeners.

How does it work?

Water from your cold water tap enters the machine and is infused with natural gases like oxygen and hydro-peroxides. The same natural gases are created outside by the sun and lightning and are in the air we breathe everyday. The treated water then flows into your washing machine where it does its magic on your laundry. The gasses bubble up through the fabric removing dirt and sanitizing the material. Your clothes come out clean, fresh and sanitized.

I was intrigued but did not know anyone that had any experience with this technology.

With a leap of faith (how is this possible without using detergent?) I sent in my order and anxiously awaited the delivery of this new "miracle machine". When it finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it attached to my washing machine and how simple it was to operate. The directions said to run 2- 3 washes without any laundry in order to "clean" the washing machine and set up the device for its first load.

I started my washing machine and Wow! - The water smelled like a thunderstorm had just passed delivering a fresh country rain. I was starting to feel pretty good about my purchase, but...

Could it actually clean my clothes?

My question was answered in short order. After a couple washes I found that our clothes not only smelled fresh but they were just as clean as they would have been if I had used my regular laundry detergent.

Then came the surprise! If all this device did was to eliminate the need for detergent and hot water, I would have been satisfied, but to my delight, it did much, much more. One of my faded shirts came out a bit brighter than expected. Was I imagining it? How could this device add color to my shirt? Not possible, but...

After each wash my shirt and other clothes kept getting brighter and brighter until they looked almost new again. What was happening?

Apparently detergent remains in our clothes after each wash and eventually weighs down and fades the material. The laundry unit was removing this residual detergent and bringing "life" back to the fabric. Our towels became brighter and more fluffy with every wash. Now the shelf that easily held all of our towels was almost too small and I had to force the last few towels in.

I was sold. This device was worth its cost and more. Even better, I was saving money. I figure I recovered my cost within the first year and a half of usage. (U.S. statistics claim a savings of about $400/year for a family of 4)

Imagine saving about $1.20 every time you wash a load of clothes. - The average family can get a 40%-100% annual return on their investment.

I have now owned my miracle laundry machine for over 2 years and I am thrilled with the results I am getting. Our clothes last longer, smell like they were hung outside to dry and the colors are brighter than ever.

BONUS:The mold smells I had in my front load washer disappeared within 2 washes.

And the bottom line?....

Using this device to wash your clothes is healthier for you, the planet and your pocketbook. Your clothes last longer, smell nicer and the colors stay brighter.

What is the Down Side?

By now you are probably wondering (as I did) what if this machine is a piece of junk that doesn't do what it promises or breaks down after a few months when the warranty has expired?

You will be happy to hear that the manufacturer offers a 30 day satisfaction or your money back guarantee AND they have a full 3 year parts and labor warranty. What appliance manufacturer do you know that offers that kind of piece of mind when you buy their product?

If you want more information I will be happy to answer any questions you may have including where you can get your hands on one.

Contact me through or my website below.

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